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Welcome to the website of Nancy Jeanne Cross, BA, NC, and my online ehealthPro Store.   I have a  Bachelor's of Arts is in Child Development with a minor in music/violin/piano/voice, from Chico State University.  My nutrition training and clinical education was done at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.  

My passion for nutrition began back in 1996 when I was diagnosed with invasive and aggressive breast cancer.  I chose to fight not only with surgery, but with dietary changes and targeted nutritional therapies.  My immune system had failed me because I was on toxic overload at that time and didn't even know it. 

After successful nutritional protocols and dietary awareness changes, I decided to go back to school to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant.  After graduation, I was contacted by an Integrative MD in Napa Valley who asked me to come on staff at Phoenix WellCare.  For three years I helped her patients with dietary and nutritional supplementation protocols.

If you are here for the first time and would like to email me your health concern I can help point you in the right direction and give 25% off your purchase using the Promo Code I will give you.

Healthy Blessings to All,